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Lovely Lavender: the EK43 in Blue-Lilac!

The EK43 in this month’s special color becomes an eye-catching statement for premium coffee at your shop! Blue lilac is the perfect fit to either round-off a playful shop design or to spice up a rather monochrome color palette.

If that is the EK43 special color you have been waiting for, contact your local Mahlkönig dealer and order it before the end of May!

During the "Colorful Months" we create the popular EK43 model in a series of special colors - introducing a new variant for each individual month.


General conditions:

There are no additional costs for the promoted special color during the course of the campaign. The EK43 is ordered at the current list price from the Distributor.

The campaign includes the EK43 classic and EK43 S.

Each color can be ordered until the end of each allocated month.

Please state the standard article number for the EK43 / EK43 S in black on your order and add the special color as an additional note.

Orders for grinders in special colors cannot be canceled.

The minimum order quantity for Mahlkönig dealers is 5 pcs.

The estimated delivery time for an EK43 in a special color is approximately 6 - 8 weeks.


Let’s add some color to the world of coffee grinding!

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