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Purchasing Mahlkönig Grinders & Spare Parts

Imitations and non-Mahlkönig Burrs

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Purchasing Mahlkönig Grinders & Spare Parts

Where can I purchase spare parts or grinders in my country?

  • For customers shipping within the United States, we offer the X54 Allround Home Grinder and a curated selection of spare parts for purchase on Customers shipping within Germany can purchase on
  • For customers located in all other countries, we have official distributors globally from which you can buy spare parts, the X54 Home grinder and our portfolio of professional grinders. Use our Distributor Search tool online to find the perfect distributor near you.
  • As new Mahlkönig distributors are added in different countries, they are included in our online Distributor Search tool. If you do not see a distributor in your region, you can check for new additions periodically.

    Imitations and non-Mahlkönig Burrs

    Be aware of imitations and non-Mahlkönig burrs

    • The crucial perfect match between the motor and the burr set is not ensured when replacing your burrs with imitation or non-Mahlkönig burrs. The burr replacement with unoriginal burrs impacts performance, lifetime, liability and safety as well as warranty.

    How is the performance of my grinder ensured when replacing burrs?

    • Crucial to each grinder’s meticulous functioning is a perfect match between the motor and the burr set. They must be flawlessly matched to ensure that the grinder delivers a reliable and consistent grind long term.
    • Mahlkönig has been developing and manufacturing professional use high-quality grinders for almost 100 years. To live up to our century-long promise of exceptional quality, our research and development team invest significant resources to ensure the optimal tuning of both motor and grinder for each new model.
    • The performance of Mahlkönig grinders is therefore only ensured when replacing burrs with original Mahlkönig burrs.

    How are imitations or non-Mahlkönig burrs impacting my grinders lifetime?

    • Hemro and our family of brands combine industry leading burr knowledge in-house. Imitated burrs lack field data to assess burr lifetime and related wear. You risk buying a burr that might perform initially but will not deliver the results in a repeatable way over its lifetime.

    Can imitations or non-Mahlkönig burrs impact liability & safety?

    • Our products undergo regulatory compliance checks and certification. This means that all burrs in our portfolio are, 1) food compliant, and 2) designed to ensure safe operation of the entire grinder.
    • Imitations will lack food-product approvals and when installed may cause the grinder to malfunction. This means you could potentially buy burrs that look good, but that are in fact harmful to your health and others.

    Does the burr replacement with imitation or non-Mahlkönig burrs impact your grinders warranty?

    • If you replace the original Mahlkönig burrs in your grinder with non-Mahlkönig burrs, it can result in motor failure. Warranty for your grinder is no longer provided when replacing original Mahlkönig burrs with imitations or non-Mahlkönig burrs.

    Mahlkönig Grinder Service Videos

    Where can I find service videos for Mahlkönig grinders?

    • All available service and repair videos for current and legacy grinders can be found on the Mahlkönig YouTube channel. As new videos become available they will be published to our YouTube page.
    • Service and repair video playlists are linked below for the current lineup of Mahlkönig grinders, videos are only available in English.
    Please read the video's warning before starting service on your grinder:

    X54 Home Grinder Use & Warranty

    Can the X54 Home Grinder be used in a commercial shop?

    • The X54 Allround Home Grinder is only certified for use in low-volume environments like the home. Some commercial shops may choose to use this grinder for low-volume coffee like decaf. However, if this grinder is used in any environment outside of the home, the manufacturer liability and warranty will be voided.

    What is the warranty policy for the X54 Home Grinder?

    • The X54 Allround Home Grinder comes with a 1-year warranty from purchase date. If you are experiencing issues with your grinder, please email us at for assistance in troubleshooting.
    • If you purchased your grinder on, you can request a return or exchange by sending an email with your order number and description of issue to, a return shipping label will be provided.
    • If you purchased your grinder somewhere else, you can take the grinder back to your place of purchase or to any Mahlkönig Distributor in your region to help with repairs. The X54 Home Grinder is also sold with a 1-year warranty from all Distributors.

    What is the material of the X54 Home Grinder burrs and how long do they last?

    • The X54 Home Grinder comes with a pair of 54mm special steel flat burrs that were made in our Hamburg factory. These burrs will last through an average of 500kg of coffee ground through them.
    • A new set of X54 Home burrs can be purchased online on if shipping within the United States or on if shipping within Germany.
    • For all other countries, you can purchase a new set of X54 Home burrs through one of our official distributors globally.  Use our Distributor Search tool online to find the perfect distributor near you.

    X54 Home Set-Up

    How do I set up my X54 Home Grinder?

    • The user manual included in the box with your X54 Home Grinder has written instructions for setup. You can also watch our 'Quick Start' service video here on how to setup your grinder.

    How do I connect my X54 Home Grinder to Wi-Fi?

    • The X54 Home Grinder will connect to any Wi-Fi with a frequency range of 2.4 GHz - 2.5 GHz. Most modern routers offer both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Make sure you connect to the right one. If your router doesn't offer 2.4 GHz as a standard, check if there is an option for an alternative bandwidth with your internet service provider or within your account settings.
    • The user manual included in the box with your X54 Home Grinder has written instructions for setup. You can also watch our 'Wi-Fi' Connection service video here on how to connect your grinder.
    • We recommend you download the Mahlkönig app for the X54 Allround Home Grinder on the iOS Store or Google Play to Wi-Fi connect your grinder.

    X54 Home Troubleshooting

    How do I adjust the X54 Home Grinder fine enough or coarse enough to my liking?

    • The X54 Home Grinder is calibrated in our factory to enable a grinding range from espresso to filter. Calibration is a simple process that can be performed on the X54 Home Grinder to reach your desired grind size, watch our service video here.
    • Even at the finest setting, the burrs will not be able to grind to a very fine, flour-like coffee powder needed for Turkish preparation. Turkish fine grinding requires demanding conditions of the burrs, burr casings and motor made from high-precision and stable materials.
    • Changing the grind adjustment from fine to coarse is possible when the grinder is not running. However, readjusting from coarse to fine is not possible when beans are blocking the grinding mechanism. Using force to change the grind setting to fine could damage the adjustment levers or – even worse – the burr casing, therefore we always recommend starting the grinder first when adjusting from coarse to fine.

    Why do I have spraying on the X54 Home Grinder?

    • A certain degree of spraying is to be expected and unavoidable when grinding for filter coffee. This is not specific to the X54 Home Grinder and can be mitigated by lightly misting the coffee beans with water before grinding.
    • If you are still experiencing spraying, you can watch our service video here on how to access the flapper to clean it.

    Is something blocking the outlet spout on my X54 Home Grinder?

    • The spout area of your X54 Home Grinder will need regular cleaning. Watch our service video here on how to clean the grinding mechanism. If there is a blockage in the spout, it would be visible when looking "inside out" from the grinding house.

    How do I adjust the portafilter holder on the X54 Home Grinder?

    • Remove the portafilter insert from the grinder using the push button on the right side.
    • Turn over the portafilter insert, locate the single screw at the bottom of the insert and loosen it with a standard screw driver.
    • Once the bottom piece of the insert is loose, adjust its height until the portafilter of the espresso machine you are using fits tightly into the portafilter insert.
    • Tighten the single screw to secure the new placement of the holder and put the portafilter insert back into the X54 Home Grinder, pushing in all the way to make sure it is fully attached.
    • The portafilter should now fit tightly into the holder and allow for “hands free” grinding.

    Mahlkönig App for X54 Home

    What are the features of the Mahlkönig App for the X54 Allround Home Grinder?

    • With the download of the Mahlkönig app for the X54 Allround Home Grinder on iOS Store or Google Play, home baristas of all levels have access to Mahlkönig’s grinding equipment and expertise.
    • Use the dial-in assistant to learn how to adjust your new grinder to the appropriate grind size per brewing method and optimize coffee taste. Use the dial-in assistant as often as you like when you change to a different coffee type or brew method.
    • Edit and adjust your recipes as you evolve through your home brewing coffee journey and update notes within each recipe.
    • Create, edit, save and delete grinding settings as recipes. Save an unlimited number of recipes in the app and assign these recipes to the four grind-by-time slots on your grinder.
    • Connect your X54 Allround Home Grinder via Wi-Fi to the app. You can even connect multiple grinders.
    • See the statistics of your X54 Allround Home Grinder letting you know the number of shots you pull, the usage of your grinders burrs, and many more statistics around your usage.
    • Manage firmware updates for your X54 Allround Home Grinder.