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Mahlkönig's new website and YouTube channel

With the website being the backbone of a brand’s online presence, German coffee grinder manufacturer Mahlkönig is taking bold steps to set new digital benchmarks. As of April 2020 the brand welcomes coffee professionals from around the globe to visit its re-designed website at

“In times where most users visit a website with a mobile device, we had a clear focus on responsive design, intuitive usability and fast loading times.” explains Anne Krahmer, Marketing Director at the Hemro Group, house of the coffee grinder brands Mahlkönig, Ditting, Anfim and HeyCafé. “Our highest priority though, was to provide our customers an even more convenient way to access product information. One solution was the implementation of a new product filter, that will help customers to find the perfectly matching grinder for their individual set of requirements.”

Furthermore, as one of the first equipment manufacturers in the coffee industry, Mahlkönig has launched its own YouTube channel. Besides service tutorials for technicians and video presentations of the most recent product highlights, a subscription to the channel will keep you up to date with the brand new online series “Let’s grind”. Starting with Canadian barista champion Ben Put in episode #1, the Mahlkönig team meets and interviews international world class baristas.

>> Let's Grind with Ben Put

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