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10% off X54 Home Grinder, Spare Parts, Burrs & Accessories! Shipping within USA & Germany, FREE Shipping to Contiguous US on Orders $100+
10% off X54 Home Grinder, Parts, Burrs & Accessories! Shipping within USA & Germany, FREE Shipping to Contiguous US on Orders $100+

Caffeine Solutions

Caffeine Solutions was founded on the belief of providing holistic solutions to their clients. They offer a wide range of products, from semi-automatic espresso machines to full-service bean-to-cup machines, grinders, and artisanal coffee blends to suit specific needs. Caffeine Solutions possesses extensive experience in coffee and hospitality from being professionals in the industry themselves and takes pride in serving their customers with authentic communication and the utmost care.

At Caffeine Solutions, they believe in inspiring and being inspired by the people and situations around them. They lean into their decades' worth of experience but also grow and develop with the changing times, technological advancements, and potential future of innovation. The team blends various characters and personalities that form a cohesive unit. With combined expertise in several facets of the food and beverage industry and a shared love of everything coffee, the Caffeine Solutions team is dynamic and primed to find the right solutions for their clients.

As a partner of Mahlkönig for five years, the EK43 is their favorite grinder; it is an icon synonymous with the highest quality and professionalism in the industry. It is versatile and a popular choice among coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike, making it a clear choice for achieving cutting-edge precision and consistency.

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With a comprehensive range of options for hotels, restaurants, and cafes looking to set up or enhance their espresso bar experience, Caffeine Solutions offers products from top-of-the-line equipment, custom coffee blends, and hospitality consultation to design premier coffee programs for their clients.