Coffee Circle

0 % bullshit and 100 % impact: At Coffee Circle, they take social responsibility seriously. Because they never compromise, Coffee Circle became Germany’s leading platform for high-quality coffee, bringing outstanding coffee to 150,000 active customers. To make sure their customers enjoy a delicious, guilt-free coffee experience, they work directly with farmers all over the world.

Together, Coffee Circle produces excellent coffee roasted in Berlin. They change the industry by setting the bar high, striving to make that the norm. Thanks to that, and their customers, Coffee Circle invests €1 per kg of coffee sold in the countries of origin. They raised 2.5 million euros in 2021 to turn into sustainable improvements for coffee-growing communities worldwide.

Hand in hand, Coffee Circle provides access to clean drinking water, conducts hygiene training, and builds coffee labs. They foster direct trade relationships with their partners and pay high prices for their coffee. Their model proves that success in the coffee business can be shared through the value chain. Coffee and its impact exist eye-to-eye, inseparable from each other.

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Coffee Circle stands for exceptional quality, direct trade, and social impact through innovation along the production process for people and the planet. The Mahlkönig X54 Allround Home Grinder is available through their online shop.