Johann Jacobs Haus

The Johann Jacobs Haus opened its doors in the summer of 2020. They stand for passion and quality, from the cultivation to the creation of coffee flavor profiles. Sustainability from the plant to the cup is considered with their holistic approach. They are focused on the production, preparation, and enjoyment of high-quality specialty coffee.

The Mahlkönig coffee grinders have been an essential companion since day one. Johann Jacobs Haus only offers the highest-quality products and coffee accessories, their team tests everything to meet their standards.

Many of the Mahlkönig grinder models can be viewed and tested at their location and are, of course, available to purchase in their online store. Johann Jacobs Haus is particularly pleased to use the EK43 allround and the E80S espresso grinders at the Brewers Cup and the Barista Championship.

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Within their Coffee Academy, roastery, and café shop, Johann Jacobs Haus makes coffee, in its diversity, tangible and experienceable.