Kaffee.de GmbH

Kaffee.de GmbH not only specializes 100% in coffee, it's in the name, but also lives in the subject matter of coffee in all its dimensions. Their goal is to be among the top sellers in Germany for all coffee products. Reaching this goal requires strong brands; therefore, their favorite brands are Mahlkönig and Ditting. Kaffee.de always maintains a well-curated and extensive stock of about 1,000 grinders.

With these stock levels, they can significantly increase the delivery capacity of the Mahlkönig and Ditting grinders and deliver right on time. Availability is absolute king for all Mahlkönig products, combined with a quick customer ordering process and high-performance logistics make this possible. Primary customers and resellers can also make special requests for their unique requirements. 

The Grind-by-Weight product portfolio is a Kaffee.de favorite because of the technology's ability to reduce the variables to achieve excellent coffee for private users to demanding baristas, and it should become the standard.

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At Kaffee.de, the customer is also king, of course, and the after sales service includes spare parts procurement and technical support throughout Germany.