Lot 61 Coffee Roasters

Lot 61 coffee shops opened 7 years ago in Malta, introducing specialty coffee to the island. Soon after, they opened their own roastery and started to supply their coffee and knowledge to the public. Lot 61 continues to do what they started 7 years ago and will keep doing it for their lifetime on Earth, returning gratitude to both coffee growers and coffee drinkers. They have been recognized twice as the ‘Top 50 Coffee Shops in Europe’, with a dream to make it to the list of Top 50 Coffee Shops in the World. They are a partner of Mahlkönig because of the quality, consistency, and efficiency of the grinders.

The team at Lot 61 sees change as a good thing, riding the wave of changing trends. Even with decades of experience, they are still learning and searching for ways to deliver coffee experiences in better and more interesting ways. They believe that in order to achieve their goals, they must also follow their dreams; building their company on this foundation is what makes Lot 61 stand out from the crowd.

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Lot 61 works with coffee shops and households across Malta. For them, coffee is about the joy of connecting with people.