80mm Premium Cast Steel Burrs, E80S / PEAK


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Part Number: 105780

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For the PEAK, E80S and E80S GbW espresso grinders.

Material: hardened premium cast steel
Diameter: 80mm
Finish: glass bead blasted for optimal deburring and prevention of burr settling behavior
Hardness: 64-66 HRC (Rockwell)
Medium Setting Grind Life: ca. 2.500kg

The burr for high-volume cafés (more than 30kg per week) requiring best taste in the cup and high grind speeds over long demand periods made in Germany by Mahlkönig. Record performance of up to 7g/sec for espresso recipes of 18gs and 40ml extraction in 30 seconds. Best taste from premium cast steel burr surfaces for up to 2.500kg of grinding volume and first choice for laboratory and cupping applications.

Old article number: 103993

Warranty Details

Repairs are meant to be executed by qualified technicians and trained staff, only. Only parts that comply with the original appliance specification may be used for repairs. Mistakes in opening or assembling the machine may cause injuries and/or damages and malfunctions. If the machine gets opened by an unauthorized person, the manufacturer’s liability and warranty will expire.

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