Available now: E80 Supreme & E65S Grind-by-Weight - Mahlkönig

Available now: E80S & E65S Grind-by-Weight

As of May 2020, demanding coffee shop owners can finally explore new realms of premium coffee grinding as Mahlkönig starts shipping the E80S and E65S Grind-by-Weight to dealers around the globe.


E80S – The fastest grinder in its class

If you are looking for high-quality, reproducible and accurate grinding at a never seen before pace, the E80S is designed just for you. Its supersized 80 mm special steel burrs combined with the powerful motor enable high speed premium grinding and the active cooling management provides for high daily outputs and ensures a consistent taste profile – perfect for everyday use in the busiest of coffee shops.

When it comes to “quantity vs. quality”, demanding shop owners used to have a hard decision to make. Thanks to the efficient motor and the individually conceived burrs of the E80S, there is no need to make compromises anymore. Now, you can have both!

Break the boundaries and explore new possibilities with unlimited espresso grinding on the E80S.


E65S GbW – The next revolution of espresso grinding

It is the holy grail of coffee grinding: dosing by a pre-set weight. Forget about dosing by a timer or dosing by volume. These dosing methods cause fluctuations, as they get affected by the condition of the coffee or the grind size adjustment. Grind-by-Weight though, delivers exactly the grams you set! The integrated high-precision load cell underneath the portafilter support enables ground breaking real-time scale controlled dosing, as it monitors the weight during the entire grinding process. The result: consistently accurate doses.

Mahlkönig’s pioneering Disc Distance Detection (DDD) adds yet another layer of quality control as it lets you set the degree of fineness based on the actual distance between the burrs. And the integrated Portafilter Detection recognizes the portafilter automatically, selects the corresponding grinding preset and starts the grinding process. This way, the barista gains valuable time for the preparation. Furthermore, the easy application reduces training requirements for the staff. Dosing mistakes get prevented and your coffee expenditure gets perfectly optimized.

Gain unmatched control with the E65S GbW – because every gram matters!

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