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Where Speed Meets Accuracy: E80S Grind-by-Weight

Where Speed Meets Accuracy: E80S Grind-by-Weight

Mahlkönig is excited and proud to announce the newest addition to the line-up of our next generation espresso grinders. The E80S GbW (Grind-by-Weight) recently made its debut at London Coffee Festival and Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, with thousands of specialty coffee enthusiasts getting hands on to test the technology for themselves at the Hemro Group tradeshow booths. As a pioneer in premium grinding technology and delivering innovative features, the demo E80S GbW grinder model did not disappoint.

Speed meets Accuracy is a bold endeavor, but with 18gram output in less than 3 seconds and dosing weight accuracy of up to 0.1 grams (the difference of less than a single coffee bean), we would say it lives up to its name. The E80S GbW features 80mm special steel burrs and a powerful motor, a higher volume model to its counterpart, the E65S GbW, but shares in the same ground-breaking technology of on demand dosing by weight. The integrated high-precision load cell underneath the portafilter support provides real-time, weight control dosing at the grind size you set. The grinders technology monitors its weight output and self-adjusts to consistently provide you with the most accurate dosing available.

Using Grind-by-Weight alone helps cafés and coffee shops to reduce coffee waste as they dial in their grinder multiple times a day. Mahlkönig’s Disc Distance Detection (DDD) feature helps to keep the grinder dialed in and provides additional quality control. Assign the target degree of fineness to a recipe by using the DDD-feature and the digital display will give on screen cues when the physical disc distance shifts away from the target fineness, introducing a new level of guided quality control to consistently match your optimal flavor profile. Add portafilter detection into the mix of features – recognizing recipe pre-sets for up to six portafilters and automatically delivering the dose assigned - even new baristas with minimal experience will be grinding espresso like a champion.

E80S GbW will help optimize your espresso preparation to ensure the best tasting coffee with each shot and reduce time spent on equipment training for staff. Its heavy-duty motor with two temperature-controlled active fans will keep up in the busiest of cafes, while saving coffee aroma even during rush-hour periods. Grinding with speed and accuracy is now an option when it comes to the newest Mahlkönig espresso grinder.

The E80S GbW has officially launched, and grinder models will start arriving across the globe in August 2022.

To get your hands on one, search in our Distributor Locator to find the distributor nearest you to place an order.

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