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Brew Better with Seasonal Coffee - Spring

Brew Better with Seasonal Coffee - Spring

We are passionate coffee people bringing almost a century’s worth of grinding expertise into the design of our Mahlkönig X54 Allround Home Grinder - helping you brew better coffee at home. Our lineup of grinders is German designed and Swiss engineered, with every detail, including burr geometry, carefully considered and constructed into each Mahlkönig grinder. Our precise engineering and technical innovations earned us the moniker “King of Grinders”, all of which translates to a better tasting cup of coffee.

The process to get to a better cup of coffee starts with the coffee selection itself. Like most seasonal fruits, like that of a coffee cherry, it is at peak freshness and taste when it is enjoyed in season close to harvest. Starting your coffee brewing process with a fresh bag of in season coffee is an important first step to making a better cup of coffee at home.

There are several factors during coffee growing, harvesting and processing that will impact the quality of the coffee and how it will taste – regional climates, soil richness, elevation, varietals grown and ripeness at harvest. Once the green coffee is received, the roasters use their craftsmanship, through temperature and time, during the coffee roasting process to get the most flavor out of it. Because of these varying factors, even coffees from the same region may not taste exactly alike, but you will notice some of their similarities.

While coffee harvesting and processing takes several months, the coffee growing regions featured are typically exporting in time for fresh roasted seasonal offerings available throughout spring.


North America:

  • Mexico: Balanced coffee with light to medium body with fruity and spicy notes.

Try a regional Mexican coffee from Seven Hills Coffee.


Central America:

  • Nicaragua: Smooth coffee with flavors of chocolate or citrus and sweet caramel like aromas.
  • Guatemala: Rich, smooth and distinct flavors due to its volcanic soil, higher acidity and hint of smokiness in chocolate flavors.

Try a Nicaraguan coffee (Special Edition, low caffeine) from roestbar.
Try a Guatemalan coffee from Elbgold.


South America:

  • Colombia: Colombian coffee is one of the most popular, known to be medium bodied, nutty and slightly sweet, like caramel or chocolate. Flavor will vary from region to region, producing more fruity flavors.
  • Brazil: Nutty and sweet with smooth and silky flavor, mellow acidity, full-bodied and great for espresso.

Try a Colombian coffee from Public Coffee Roasters.
Try a Brazilian coffee from roestbar.
Try a Brazilian espresso from Elbgold.


  • Kenya: High acidity, with mild tartness and juicy berry notes for a bold and vibrant flavor.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia is the oldest known producer of coffee, with floral aromas and distinct fruity flavors, like berries, with a syrupy mouth feel.

Try a Kenyan coffee from Seven Hills Coffee.
Try an Ethiopian coffee from Public Coffee Roasters.
Try an Ethiopian espresso from Five Elephant.



  • Sumatra: Earthy (like wood) and herbal tasting, a full-bodied coffee with complex and rich flavors typically in a dark roast.

Try a Sumatran coffee from Public Coffee Roasters.

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