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Great Comeback: The new Guatemala Shop Grinder - Mahlkönig

Great Comeback: The new Guatemala Shop Grinder

During the course of many decades, the Guatemala has provided premium coffee grinding to coffee shops, roasteries and laboratories around the globe. As our product development team has completely redesigned this popular grinder model, the Guatemala is now about to celebrate a marvelous comeback to the market.

A new quality.

Mahlkönig grinders stand for first-class grinding. As we wanted the new Guatemala to fully meet our high quality standards, it got equipped with a further developed set of burrs. In addition, the proven vertical positioning of the grinding chamber ensures for almost residue-free grinding. As a result, the grinder contributes to an outstanding taste experience with every single cup.

Another highlight is the new hopper with a capacity of about 900 grams – quite a bit more than its predecessor. Modern pictograms on the outside of the grinder guide the user to find the perfect grind size setting for each brewing method in a quick and easy way. The metal spout with bag clamping and the height-adjustable removable table provide absolute ease of use while ensuring that every single gram gets captured.

A new design.

The new Guatemala amazes not least with its fresh new look. The high quality full-aluminum body features sturdiness and maximum longevity. Its modern shape and the black color fit into any kind of ambience where the grinder becomes a quality promise and a visual highlight at the same time!

A new grinder.

With the new Guatemala you choose first-class premium grinding, utmost user-friendliness and modern product design. It is the perfect fit for brew bars, for pre-ground coffee retail as well as for cuppings and analysis at the laboratory.

First deliveries will be effected during spring 2021.
Place your order with your Mahlkönig Distributor today!
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